Kindness story: Farmer & 2 boys

Two boys walked down a road that led through a field. The younger of the two noticed a man toiling in the fields of his farm, his good clothes stacked neatly off to the side. The boy looked at his older friend and said, “Let’s hide his shoes so when he comes from the field, he won’t be able to find them. His expression will be priceless!” The boy laughed.
The older of the two boys thought for a moment and said, “The man looks poor. See his clothes? Let’s do this instead: Let’s hide….


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A visit to Pingla Ghar Jalandhar (A Home for Homeless)

A visit to Pingla Ghar Jalandhar (A Home for Homeless)

Today Mom told us to donate our unused clothes to the inmates of Pingla Ghar (A Home for the Homeless. Providing Care to Handicapped, Destitute, Mentally Retarded and the Abondoned) Jalandhar. On just entering the main gate two old man came to help us. We told them our purpose of visit and they tried to take out the luggage. I was surprised to see the enthusiasm and the service spirit. We took the luggage and handed over with proper documentation. They told us about the history and profile of the inmates. It was amazing to see the happiness and spirit they are living. every physically challenged /homeless/Abandoned has divided their work according to their capabilities and they never seek any help from outsiders. After completing their assigned jobs happily they go and join other inmates to offer their help. This world was really different from the outside world where noone ever fulfills his/her responsibility and tend to pass on the responsibilities on others. I loved the environment and found there are old people who have sacrificed whole life in the service of mankind. May God bless them all and those also who are always there to help them. If you wanna help please visit their site


Doggy with a kitten in family.

Doggy with a kitten in family.

I don’t want to express anything more. We humans should take a lesson. One of the most beautiful pictures i came across. Spread LOVE & KINDNESS. your one act can bring turnaround in someone’s life.

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Hat’s off to the fighting spirit of the old man.

Hat’s off to the fighting spirit of the old man.

The old tailor taking his bread and butter to safe place. See the irony he has forgot all his luxuries he has been collecting whole of his life. At the time we face death or disasters, all we need is our wellness. I am emotionally overwhelmed when saw this person smiling and facing worst of his life. The hope is the key motivator taking his spirits high that all will be well soon. Hats off and once again well wishes for the survival of people struck in floods and other calamities. We request everyone to show kindness and help the people struck in disasters.


So cutie……….

So cutie..........

Have a look over the beautiful creature who had been waiting for me to come and play with him. I don’t know what attracts me towards the other creatures. The happiness in the eyes is really surprising. God has sent us with a mission to live the “BIG BROTHER” show realtime. We forget the essentials to survive royally on earth are help, love, peace, compassion, gratitude. And over the all Kindness which binds all the creatures with each other giving a happiness. Follow us at


Be Happy, life is too short to live.

Be Happy, life is too short to live.

What a picture describing all phases of life and we can never accept how the time passes stage by stage ultimately taking us to a day where we are all memory of few. This time which we are living is the time we can change this few into all by our love, kindness, attachment and help to others which can make us memorable to many. One thing which i feel that the people who are remembered more after death or living are those who have changed the lives of other by their actions and deeds. while those who lived for themselves are always neglected. So our aim in life should be to spread love, kindness, compassion, harmony and help other through our small initiatives.

Imagine a world with love, peace, happiness and kindness all around.

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