Happiness is to be created not to be found. 



Kindness story: Farmer & 2 boys

Two boys walked down a road that led through a field. The younger of the two noticed a man toiling in the fields of his farm, his good clothes stacked neatly off to the side. The boy looked at his older friend and said, “Let’s hide his shoes so when he comes from the field, he won’t be able to find them. His expression will be priceless!” The boy laughed.
The older of the two boys thought for a moment and said, “The man looks poor. See his clothes? Let’s do this instead: Let’s hide….http://compassionkindness.com/2014/04/08/a-lovely-inspiring-story/


Its my wedding anniversary..,.. Bless us with your wishes

Its my wedding anniversary..,.. Bless us with your wishes

Hey 10th March 2012…… Sorry Sorry Sorry Its 10th March 2014… My 2nd wedding Anniversary

Few years back I asked this girl to marry me and was childishly thrilled to call her my wife for the first time in my life. I can still recall the slightest particulars of that day, up to my astonishment when I saw her in the awesome red dress approaching me in a palki.

So we are celebrating commitment, love and loyalty. Today is the day when how two totally different people became a unit while still retaining their individuality. In adherence to Newtons some law it was like the attraction of opposites.

But for me time has elapsed too fast… they say this always happens when you are happy. I am happy to be still violently in love with my wife and I appreciate all her care and tolerance throughout the years.

She always wonders how one can spend his whole day on bed with laptop working on http://smallactofkindness.wordpress.com/ specially on Sunday’s when others have a lot of plans. Me alike other husbands could not understand why she takes such a long time to buy a dress and to wear them. She is fond of making nailarts and I don’t like the smelling nail polishes. But with every passing year we have learnt to be tolerant of each other.

In these years we’ve done a lot together. We have learnt living independently; we did climbing, tried Skiing. But most importantly, we learned to tolerate with each other’s habits and traits, to say “sorry” when you are wrong and “I love you” on all other occasions. We learned to cherish every evening spent together – even if it means doing nothing special, just sitting on the sofa and confusingly trying to listen what she is saying and putting efforts to hear what going on TV. We learned being happy with what we have – and enjoying each others company.

Although everyday for me is like anniversary as whole day we work together, stay together. Before marriage it was really a great challenge for us how everything will workout being together whole day. But we are able to draw our personal and professional boundaries and feel are successful in that. Still sometimes get struck and confused in Sapna or Sapna Mam.

Of course, there are some ups and downs – but I must confess that the former greatly outnumbered the latter. Like a good wine, a good relationship becomes better and better with every passing year. It worked for our marriage and still makes my wife and me happy.

So Mrs Dadhwal, Lots of love for the special lady on the special day by Special Me  and keep enlightening my life….

A special thanks to all the lovely people around us for your wishes………

A lovely poem from internet…
The day we both walked,
down our wedding isle.
I couldn’t help,
but joyously smile.
My tears of happiness,
were so hard to suppress.
My whole life lit up,
the moment you said yes.
We’ve been through,
so much together.
We can outlast,
the harshest cold weather.
I will always love you,
and show you respect.
It’s our wedding anniversary,
Let’s spend time and connect.
My smile is peaceful and calm,
while I look straight ahead.
As long as we have each other,
our hearts shall be fed.
Thank you for loving me,
with your heart and soul.
When we are together,
I feel completely whole.

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I want my childhood back

I want my childhood back

Sometimes I wonder if I could get my childhood days back. It was the time when we had no worries and tension. The best thing about children is they do whatever they want and never try to understand pros and cons. It is the best phase of one’s life. Children never have a constraint called time and see after that phase everyone is running short of time.

Hey can you share any of your childhood incidents which enjoy till today?


Hat’s off to the fighting spirit of the old man.

Hat’s off to the fighting spirit of the old man.

The old tailor taking his bread and butter to safe place. See the irony he has forgot all his luxuries he has been collecting whole of his life. At the time we face death or disasters, all we need is our wellness. I am emotionally overwhelmed when saw this person smiling and facing worst of his life. The hope is the key motivator taking his spirits high that all will be well soon. Hats off and once again well wishes for the survival of people struck in floods and other calamities. We request everyone to show kindness and help the people struck in disasters.