The search of identity (what do you feel?)

Since childhood everyone starts to searching for people alike them, same was with me as no exception. As many obstacles like my shyness didn’t allow me to talk to anyone and try for exploring souls of my kind. Then somehow fusions took place and with increased interactions and social exposure let me realize in early twenties that i was wrong to search for identicals, or people similar to me in looks or visible features and suddenly concluded i have to explore my traits and people who were enjoying my company were of my type. Those who appreciates my views were somewhere related to me. Then sometime later also reached a fact, people who had been against me or in good words my critics were also of my type as they were understanding what i wanted to say. I concluded that we are not separated by whats outside (looks), rather united by whats inside (behaviour). Hmmmm life made me crazy i am always surrounded by all of my types. Everyone moving around has some part of me and obviously i also owe something from them. The love, kindness, help, smile is all we owe of them and need to return them across our life. Be fast to return it otherwise have to carry burden till last days of life. Humanity and mankind passes us responsibility of nurturing fellow beings.

By A..D..