Confessions Of A Drunken Man

Every minute was like year long, eyes on the gate and ears were inattentive to hear the doorbell. Trrrrr there comes a friend to pick me
up for the party “Partytime”.
After a long time of planning for a hangout, we had fixed this party
at a bar. Then the so called day came and after convincing my wife with some requests and emotional encounters we moved with high spirits for the long awaited party and just stopped at ATM machine for some cash. In excitement, we started on the bike and just after two miles my friend looked for rearview and was shocked as there were no rear view mirrors which were there in our bike. We came back to the ATM and found our bike making fun of our craziness. To our hard or good luck no one had lodged any police complaint yet and our keys had unlocked some other bike. After it we had to hustle through the traffic jam to reach the decided place.
It was just my first drink I remember and it just took three shots to take me to cosmos. As usual transformed and attacked by an emotional
trauma.  We may have shared many things which were never attended in
sober condition. The beauty of the place was just greater than ever.
The pending discussions of last sittings (almost after a gap of two
years) were refreshed as if it was just yesterday. After two years of
my marriage this was for the first time I had come for party. I was
surprised to see the happiness I had from inside. A single soul
entered the bar and just in three hours all people around turned to
friends with same goal. I don’t know what a magical thing this is
which makes everyone your friend, you never think of hurting, flirting
rather will be always enjoying your own company and will strengthen
you to conquer the mountains or cross the oceans hahaha.. Even an
introvert in influence can talk to anyone and make many friends to
share happiness. The other benefit felt was to express and expose your
hidden and unexplored self. I was caught showering extra love on my
wife. OooopS.. Over and above the soothing sleep without any pills.
One thing which I missed that night was dinner with my wife and long
discussion with her. Hey the jackpot I cracked is strict warnings not
to repeat this again as she was in worry. The after experience got
that was I was caught with a never before seen smile and happiness. I
had been enjoying her abuses with a lovely smile, just imagine what I
I can’t understand how people can be wrong in influence of alcohol
whereas I was a lovely, kind, honest, happy creature. I never say it
was right to take alcohol but can be tried once for lovely adventurous
memories. I feel in influence you have extraordinary quality to judge
people, look their hidden self beating all behavioral theories. Hey
you see I can bet it was the best of me as a true human.
With a little nervousness and attention to hide the influence I rang
the doorbell and she was there to welcome me at gate saying “oh what a
surprise darling” (same was it for me lolz) a bit of humour faded by
her sarcastic smile.
People see drunks with discrimination but I feel we must not be so
arrogant to anyone. A drunken man has always his own problems to fight
with as where are my keys? Where is my mobile, wallet etc and over and
above sometimes where is my home? One of my greatest observation is we
find many unknown good friends at bar which I can bet you will never
find in some other social place or gathering. No discrimination of
caste, creed, race, height, weight, poverty or richness. All are
humans at peak engaged in discovering himself ie SELF Actualization”.
Normally people hesitate to donate a single penny at religious place
but here you will find guys fighting to pay the bill with many
negotiation tricks.
If you have never visited a bar a lot many things you have missed in
life unexplored. A lot many features of humanity as helpfulness,
authority, smile, laughter, happiness… You might be thinking these are
common things we find normally but off course not without any reason
or sense. But at bar you have to really work hard to understand the
It was my experience and explanation to a rightly said line “A drunk
man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts”.
A lot many of our readers will be thinking what’s there in the
experience to share about KINDNESS or related to this page “ But my dear friends remember
by sharing this I had been so kind to my heart and wish.


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